Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kylee is 2

Happy Birthday Kylee!
Her day started by waking up to a room filled with balloons. Don't worry we didn't fill her bed while she was asleep. We did it later while playing in them.

Doesn't she look so big?? What happened to my baby?

I am not sure what Peyton is doing in this photo but the other two look cute.

I actually make this cake for her. It was one of those funfetti cake mixes. Then I made a pink strawberry layer of frosting in the middle. Then I covered the whole thing with a lot of chocolate frosting and sprinkles. It was really good!

You might be wondering about the outfit? It was a present. Her very own dress up dress with wings. (not one of Peyton's) and she couldn't wait to put it on once she opened it.

Here she is opening a few presents. She sized up the dress and then immediately took her clothes off to try it on.

A Barbie motorized 4 wheeler!


Erin said...

OH MY!! You're right, where did your baby go? Her hair has gotten so long and BLONDE! She could be Peyton's twin. Your pictures are making me miss you and your family even more!!

Amanda said...

Have we really been apart that long??? Kylee doesn't even look the same anymore. When her picture first came up I thought it was Peyton. I know you are wondering where you little baby went, but where did my little baby go too??? I miss you guys all so much!